KMC Perfect Size Black Inner Sleeves (100 Count)

KMC Perfect Size Black Inner Sleeves (100 Count)

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These inner sleeves are designed to give another layer of protection to your cards. They fit perfectly around the card so that the card can be sleeved again with a standard size sleeve. These are the "black" version of the classic KMC Perfect Size Sleeves. They are clear in the front like the classic version but they have a black back, so that you can pair them with clear sleeves. 


  • Clear Sleeves to fit full sized cards and still fit into full-sized colored (or clear) sleeves
  • Top loading
  • Fully opaque black back.
  • Similar to soft sleeves ("penny sleeves") only narrower and shorter to fit comfortably in KMC colored sleeves
  • Each pack contains 100 sleeves
  • Perfect size: 89 x 64mm