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Play Magic @ The Refuge


  • Legacy Tournament @ The Refuge

    Join us Saturday, June 15th at 12pm.

    $30 entry fee
    Starting payout:
    1st - Savannah
    2nd - $100
    3rd-4th - $60

    *30+ players:
    1st - Savannah + $50
    2nd - $130
    3rd-4th - $60
    5th-8th - $30

    Proxies are permitted, all payouts are store credit.

  • MH3 Pre-release @ the refuge

    Join us for one of two Modern Horizons 3 Pre-release events!

    Friday, June 7th at 7pm - 10pm.
    Saturday, June 8th 4pm - 7pm.

  • Taco Tuesday @ the refuge

    Join us for Commander and delicious tacos! Every Tuesday night we get together to play games and we place a group order of Tacos through La Jiaba. The Tacos are only $1-$2 and the company is aways great.

    There's no entry fee to play. Just come up and enjoy the evening.

  • commander all night @ the refuge

    Every Friday and Saturday night we play Commander together. There is a mix of different power levels from casual, to cEDH. This event typically has a great turn out so you're sure to find a pod and get some great games in.

    Also, we're often open very late (early), 2am-5am closing times are normal. It's a great place to come after your activities for the night or if you're looking for a long play session.