Welcome to Alchemist's Refuge - Your source for Trading Card Games and Accessories!

About Us

Alchemist's Refuge is a collectibles and hobby store located in Cincinnati Ohio. We specialize in trading card games like Magic: the Gathering, Flesh and Blood, Pokemon, and Disney Lorcana. We ship all over the world! 

Store Hours

Monday - Thursday: 2pm-9pm
Friday & Saturday: 2pm - Midnight
Sunday: 2pm-9pm


11925 Montgomery Road
Suite 4
Cincinnati, OH 45259

We are hosting a legacy tournament!
Join us Saturday, June 15th at 12pm.

$30 entry fee

Starting payout:
1st - Savannah
2nd - $100
3rd-4th - $60

*30+ players:
1st - Savannah + $50
2nd - $130
3rd-4th - $60
5th-8th - $30

Proxies are permitted, all payouts are store credit.