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Pick up the much anticipated Pokemon Release. Scarlet Violet 151!

Magic: The Gathering

Wilds of Eldraine

We've returned to the story book world of Eldraine!

Disney Lorcana

Play Lorcana @ The Refuge

Disney's brand new trading card game has landed! We play every week on Thursdays and Saturdays!


  • Monday 6PM

    Flesh and Blood

    Join us Monday nights for our Flesh and Blood Armory Event. The cost is $10 and armory promos will be provided as prize support.

  • Monday 6:30PM

    Magic: The Gathering

    Jake's Draft Night. Let's draft the latest Magic set together!

  • Taco Tuesday

    Magic: the Gathering

    Join us for some great food and good games. This is a FREE to play Commander event. Tacos are $1-2 depending on your selection.

  • Wednesday 6:30PM

    Magic: the Gathering

    Join us for one of Magic: the Gathering's most beloved formats. We start at 6:30 and entry is $5

  • Thursday 6:30PM

    Disney Lorcana

    Play Disney Lorcana with us! This is a great time to try out your best deck and win some prizes. We start at 6:30 and the entry fee is $10.

  • Saturday 2PM

    Disney Lorcana

    Every Saturday we're hosting a budget Lorcana League. Build the best deck you can without Super-Rares, and Legendaries. Then play in our budget league for a chance to win promos and prizes. Entry is $10

  • Commander Weekend

    Are you ready to play Commander into the early hours of the morning? Join us on Friday or Saturday night for a great time with friends.

Building a Refuge

This is the latest episode of our YouTube series.