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  • Outlaws Of Thunder Junction Pre-Release Weekend

    Join us on Friday, April 12th or Saturday April 13th for one of our OTJ Pre-Release Events!

  • cedh showdown

    Saturday, April 20th @ 4pm

    Tournament starts at 4pm

    $15 Entry


    80 minute timer with no turns after if active player cannot win that turn then the game is considered a draw.
    3 rounds of swiss, top 16 cut if we hit 32 players.
    100% Proxy Friendly

    1st - $120 Cash
    2nd - 4th - $60 Cash

  • Inklands Set Championship

    Sunday, April 28th @ 12pm

    Cost $0**
    Entry is $25 but all participants who complete round 1 will receive $25 back in store credit.

    1st Place: 1 Stitch – Rock Star Special Promo1 Store Champion Playmat2 Boxes, Winner’s Choice of Ursula’s Return or Into the Inklands
    2nd Place: 1 Stitch – Rock Star Special Promo 1 Stitch — Rock Star Playmat (No Champion Stamp) 1 Boxes, Player’s Choice of Ursula’s Return or Into the Inklands
    3rd & 4th each receive: 1 Stitch – Rock Star Special Promo12 Packs, Player’s Choice of Ursula’s Return or Into the Inklands
    Random door prizes given to non-top players.

    Decklists Required in Melee before the day of the event.

    *Ursula’s Return products will be available for in store pick up on May 31, 2024.

  • Monday 7:00pm

    $30 Vintage

    $10 Buy in
    Pay out in store credit based on attendance.

  • Monday 6:30PM

    Flesh and Blood

    Join us Monday nights for our Flesh and Blood Armory Event. The cost is $10 and armory promos will be provided as prize support.

  • Monday 6:30PM

    Star Wars Unlimited

    Join us for Star Wars Unlimited event play. Jam some games and maybe earn some play packs.

  • Taco Tuesday 6:30PM

    Magic: the Gathering

    Join us for some great food and good games. This is a FREE to play Commander event. Tacos are $1-2 depending on your selection.

  • Thursday 6:30PM

    Disney Lorcana

    Join us for our Shift Leader League. It's free to enter and you'll have a chance to win prizes!

  • Saturday 2:30PM

    Disney Lorcana

    Join us for our competative Lorcana League! Win promos and prizes and a chance to compete in our Quarterly Championship! Entry is $10

  • Commander Weekend 6:30PM

    Are you ready to play Commander into the early hours of the morning? Join us on Friday or Saturday night for a great time with friends.

cEDH Showdown Recap Vlog

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