Lorcana Release Calendar

The time has finally come! Disney Lorcana hits the shelves this weekend. We plan to be well stocked on product. We'll have Booster Packs, Starter Decks and a full inventory of singles available for purchase all weekend. Here are the events you can look forward to this weekend:

Thursday @ 6PM - Lorcana Meetup
We'll be having our weekly Lorcana meetup. There will be free open gaming and learn to play sessions happening. Last Thurday we had a full house, with people playing competatively as well as casually in multiplayer pods. There was also plenty of trading between people who picked up loot at Gencon. 

Friday (All Day) - Release Day
Product will be availible to purchase all day. Between 2pm and 6pm is a good time to come up an learn to play if you haven't yet. There will be people willing to sit with you and teach you the game. 

Saturday @ 2PM - Celebration
Starting at 2pm on Saturday we will be hosting the following:

Learn To Play $0
If you haven't played the game, feel free to come up and we'll teach you how to play.

Casual Play $5
We'll be hosting casual multiplayer pods. Where you can play with others and try to earn a pack.

Starter Deck Challenge $60
Test your skills in this starter deck challenge. The cost of entry includes a starter deck of your choice and prizes. 

- Each round will be best of 3 with 50 mins per round. 
- There will be 3 rounds.
- Each player will receive a Tinkerbell Card for participating. 
- Store credit will be paid out to the top 8 based on participation and will be announced at the time of the event. 
We're excited to see everyone come out and enjoy this great game and community!