Shift Leader - A New Disney Lorcana Format

Shift Leader is a Disney Lorcana singleton format that’s designed to be played in a multiplayer setting. All the normal Lorcana rules apply. Here’s special rules for the format.

Deck Construction

  • Chose any Character card to be your “Leader”.
  • Your deck must contain exactly 60 cards including your Leader. That’s 59 cards and 1 leader.
  • Your deck can only contain 1 of any card (singleton).
  • Your deck can contain up to 3 different ink colors. One of those colors must match the ink color of your leader.

Format Rules

  • Special Shift Rule: If your leader does not have “Shift” it gains Shift and it’s Shift cost is 2 ink less than it’s natural ink cost and no less than 1. 
  • At the start of the game, set your Leader aside. It will be placed face up in a new zone called the Leader Zone.
  • You can play your Leader from the Leader Zone, as you normally would play any character.
  • Any time a Leader would change zones, you can chose to put it back in the Leader Zone. For example, if your Leader get’s put into your inkwell you can put it into your Leader Zone instead.
  • The ink cost of your leader increases by 2 each time you play your leader from the Leader zone. This cost increase also effects the shift cost.


This rules document is based on a fan format called “Shift Leader” which borrows from the wildly popular Commander format in Magic the Gathering. We have altered the original rules of Shift Leader to meet our vision for the format.