Commander Booster Pack - Izzet (Blue & Red)

Commander Booster Pack - Izzet (Blue & Red)

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This is a custom pack of cards that I've hand-selected for players getting into Commander. 

The photo is an EXAMPLE of what you'll get. Each pack will have different contents, but will contain the following: 

- A mix of Commander playable Common and Uncommons in the featured colors.
- At least 3 rares or Mythic Rares.
- At least 1 FOIL Card.
- A 20-sided spindown life-counter in one of the featured colors.
- No duplicates.
- At least 30 cards total.

The cards will range from NM (Near Mint) to LP (Lightly Played) Condition. Some lands and artifacts are included if they fit for the featured colors. Cards can be from any Magic set.